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Website Design Edmonton

Iconic Website Design Edmonton is one of the leading web design companies in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We at Iconic Website Design Edmonton know how to capture your audience’s attention by using the right design and style for your website. Our team of professional website designers have successfully designed websites for clients not only in Edmonton but all around the world. So whether you’re on the lookout for a simple or high-end design, we, at Iconic Website Design Edmonton are here for your every need. We pride ourselves for offering smooth running web designs for every digital device. Our goal is to not only help you succeed but to set you apart from your competitors. We thrive on our clients trust and go above and beyond to cater to their every desire. We believe that our good reputation has only been achieved by pushing the boundaries of web design and creativity.

Iconic Website Design Edmonton

11007 Jasper Ave Suite 717, Edmonton, AB T5K 0K6

(587) 881-4617

Who is Iconic Website Design Edmonton?

Iconic Website Design Edmonton is comprised of a group of diverse and talented individuals having ample experience in web design and customer service. Our team members, with their knack for detail, excel in developing websites that instantly capture ones attention. With our knowledge of UI and UX, we are able to design websites that cater to a larger audience and smoothly run on any given device.

Why Iconic Website Design Edmonton?

We know just how unique and special your business is, and therefore want your website to perfectly reflect it. We, at ‘Iconic Website Design Edmonton’ aim to design the best websites for each and every client. Understanding that an attractive website is crucial in marketing your business solution, we use creative practices to develop a user friendly design to proudly showcase your brand. Not only do we customize your website but we also add the right amount of personalized touches to drive in the desired cliental. Furthermore, our SEO friendly techniques help give your business just the boost it needs for your inevitable success.

How does Iconic Website Design Edmonton Work?

We start by extracting all the information regarding your products and services to come up with a customized strategy. This information helps us design your website according to your needs while simultaneously targeting your desired market. With user-friendly navigation and browser compatibility, we ensure your customers satisfaction.

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What is Web Design in Edmonton?

Everything from your websites content to layout comes under the umbrella of web design. Website design is a process comprising of conceptualizing, planning and developing a number of files. These files determine the color, text style, layout, font, structure, videos, images, and graphics along with all the interactive components of the design. Such component combine to show the web pages to your audience. A professional website design not only helps boost your businesses credibility but also attracts your desired audience.

Ways to Create a Perfect Website Design in Edmonton

  1. The best way is to hire a professional Website Design expert to help you develop a unique website that perfectly showcases your business. We at ‘Iconic Website Design Edmonton’ are experienced in creating website designs that are responsive, user friendly and embody our client’s ideas.
  2. Consider developing your own website design by making use of the shelf software’s such as Dreamweaver®. However, keep in mind that such software’s demand technical expertise.
  3. Go for the online website design tools that have customizable web design templates or themes. These templates allow you to adjust the graphics, text and color to your liking.
    In the end, the level of customization offered by our website design services is unparalleled. By investing in us, you will be investing in your businesses’ future.
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How Can Iconic Website Design Edmonton Help Me With My Business and Web Design?

  • Satisfy the needs of customers – Having an expert website designer is as significant as having a great domain name. Iconic Website Design Edmonton strives to serve your audience by giving them an accelerated loading speed and highlighting the right information. By ensuring that the navigation of your web design is consistent, easy to use and understand, we help bridge the distance between you and your audience.
  • Attract search engines to your website – Irrespective of how beautiful your design appears, it won’t display on search engines if it is flooded with unnecessary codes.
  • Ensures no technical glitches – You might already know that it doesn’t take a lot to turn a potential customer away from your business. Having a website with a long loading time, broken links and dropped pictures are just a few of the many issues related to design. These issues can only be avoided by having your website designed by professionals. For that purpose, Iconic Website Design Edmonton is at your service.

Why Choose Iconic Website Design Company Edmonton?

What’s different about our approach is that we aim to please customers while simultaneously keeping search engines in mind. Your website’s design plays a pivotal role in impacting your sales and success. With the help of our talented designers, we offer highly customized and professional website design packages. By keeping our diverse group of clients in mind, we offer both one on one collaborations and the option to choose from our unique web design templates. Irrespective of what you opt for, Iconic Website Design Edmonton has the resources and technical expertise to ensure your utmost satisfaction.

Skilled Website Design Team in edmonton

Iconic Website Design Edmonton has successfully delivered numerous web design projects for different industries and platforms. We understand that every client is different and has their own set of needs. We are proud to have experienced designers who make use of the power of open source technology and friendly user experience to provide customized web design solutions to satisfy the business objectives of our clients.

Iconic Website Design Edmonton is in love with designing websites – that is how simple it is.

For us at Iconic Website Design Edmonton, designing websites for our clients is not just our job, but our passion. We are all strongly linked to everything we design and create. This personal interaction is the driving force that pushes us to build beautiful and effective web designs. Our web design work can easily be judged in no time from a user’s perspective when it lands on your website – this makes it significant for us to ensure that every pixel we create is up to the mark.

With our web design services Edmonton, you get

Customized Web Designs

We make sure that your business, branding & marketing activities are highly different from that of your competitors. Iconic Website Design Edmonton ensures that your web design is highly customized to meet your needs and is unique enough to help you stand out.

Conversion Rate Optimized

We put together absolutely stunning and custom web designs while keeping a keen eye on conversion rate optimization. This is to ensure that all of your business marketing objectives are attained effectively.

Mobile Responsiveness

Ensured We are highly experienced in creating a website design that is mobile responsive for your business. We also focus on making it look appealing and ensuring its compatibility with all the devices, such as, desktops, laptops, phones and tablets.

Adds More Lifetime

Value We build web designs that are well-thought out and well-planned. They are specifically aimed at enhancing the user experience of your clients. This helps you with increased return rate and more lifetime value of your clients.

Always keep in mind – Design Choices have an impact. Every decision you make up to the point of your websites launch will have an impact on your customers. This means that everything including the style, layout, content, design, usability, loading speed, fonts and colors will be put together to leave a strong impression on your customers.

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Significance of your Website Design Edmonton

Give your current website a thorough look (if you already have one). Do you think that it perfectly reflects your business? Does it look trustworthy? Do you think it is good enough to entice your target audience towards your products and services? Your website says a lot about your business and the way you work. One wrong mistake, and your customers might lose their interest. By having an updated website, which is incorporated with clean, unique, user friendly and modern web design, you instantly increase your chances of gaining long term and regular customers.

Designing Websites Is Not a One Size Fits All Job

Iconic Website Design Edmonton understands the significance of designing a custom website that leave a long lasting impression on your target audience. Iconic Website Design Edmonton believes in designing websites with only one motive in mind, your success. In our opinion, there is a world of a difference between specifically tailored and personalized websites and those that are created by using WordPress themes. We strongly believe that designing websites is not a one size fits all job. Iconic Website Design Edmonton believes that your website deserves to be as unique as your business.

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Why choose custom web design Edmonton?

Iconic Website Design Edmonton shies away from WordPress templates and prefers to design customized websites, specially catered for our clients. Our carefully curated websites have the capability to put you on the map.

By designing your website from scratch, we ensure that your unique objectives are proudly portrayed. Every element of web design, be it usability, look, loading speed and user experience is kept in mind. Our professional web designers work to elevate the online experience for you and your audience.

What is a purchased theme for WordPress website Edmonton?

Most of the times, people are easily fooled by the cheap rates and easy access of pre-designed WordPress templates and themes. In their hurry to launch a website, they forget how creating such websites ultimately damages their business. Taking this route might look easy in the beginning, but poorly backfires in the end. It not only leaves the job undone but also negatively impacts your business. We at Iconic Website Design Edmonton know just how important it is for a business to maintain its good reputation and therefore offer our professional services to help you keep it intact. By using amateur tools such as WordPress templates, you unknowingly discredit your own company. A good web design can easily be judged by the number of clients it brings in. Our website designs not only draw in clientele but convince them to stay.

Why do WordPress themes fail to succeed?

WordPress templates or themes are based on the ‘one size fits all’ formula. They are designed by keeping a general business idea in mind. This concept sounds great in theory but fails to succeed in reality. Not having your website catered to your specific needs can be annoying. For example, one major let down of this formula is that your website is forced to harbor unnecessary functionalities that in return make it difficult to operate the website. Due to the extra code and functionality, your website becomes slow.

If you are the type of business that honors their work and is interested to successfully make their mark in this world, then you have come to the right place. Best Edmonton Design is here to help you design and successfully run your very own customized website.

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Best practices for Website design edmonton

Web design can be a daunting process for beginners that do not fully understand what exactly makes it successful. Did you know that more than 48% of people believe that a website design is a sure tell-tale to whether a business is credible or not? A mere glance is enough for customers to be either impressed or disappointed by the web design. A poorly designed website has the power to instantly turn off the customer and for your business to lose a potential client. An instance that no budding business would like to be on the receiving end of.

We at Iconic Website Design Edmonton, understand that designs are ever-changing and not static. Any brand that invests in a new website wishes for it to be versatile. Iconic Website Design Edmonton is here to ensure that you are provided with a design that is able to stand the test of time. Our team of professionals at Iconic Website Design Edmonton do not simply re-design your site but come up with new and exciting ways to completely revamp your website. Having said that, some companies often do need a re-design for their website. This is a big step for them as there are big decisions to be made and there are many stakeholders whose views need to be considered. Guidance in these cases is almost as important as achieving the final design. We make sure that we guide our customers according to the best of our knowledge.

To ensure quality and standard, as a first step, our developers come with a prototype of the final product; which undergoes rigorous review by all the parties involved. Moreover, our developers work in close contact with our quality assurance team. These steps enable us to get you the best results possible. Iconic Website Design Edmonton is committed to helping you with insights on the best practices for web design to achieve greater success. The best practices include colors, navigation, use of social media and email marketing to make your mark on the web and convert leads. We also help you detect the web design mistakes you should steer clear from. Lagging loading speed, and cluttered layouts are to name a few.

Keep your branding consistent with your web design Edmonton

Having a web design that is deficient in consistent branding is frustrating and confusing. There are also plenty of websites out there that are messy and all over the place. It is difficult to state the colors of their brand, the way their logo looks, the way they place themselves, as well as the services they offer. One of the best website design practices in Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Customer (B2C) is to ensure your branding appears consistent throughout your website. Make use of the brand colors that are pre-determined, logos, and graphics on each and every webpage of your website. This is not only limited to graphics and logos but images, iconography, videos and texts are also included. The story of your brand should be the forefront of your website.

Product strong and effective Call to Actions (CTAs) for web design edmonton

The major objectives of a website are to engage a large target audience and to let that target audience know what you offer. The final objective should always be to convince the visitor to complete an action. It can be anything from signing up for a newsletter, downloading a tutorial or setting up a consultation with a specialist from your team. Strong and effective calls to action are significant to convert website visitors into leads and eventually customers for your business. Strong CTAs should be a major part of the initial design of your website – definitely not an afterthought. They should be rightly placed in the layout as to make it meaningful for your target audience. For example, having a “Learn More” button should be placed higher in the web design as it will instantly catch the visitor’s eye. If you have a “Contact Us” form, it may be placed at the bottom of your web design, as it is in most website designs. This is because the visitor on your website is more familiar with your brand or company at this point. These best practices for web design can be taken into account for any business, brand or industry.

Loading Speed of Your Website design Edmonton

A mere second’s lag can easily result in in the fall of sales by up to 27%. In 2013, the average size of websites accelerated by 32%. Websites are getting bigger and bigger by the second. A latest research suggests that the ideal loading speed of websites might be moving close to 2 seconds. This is a difference of 1/3 seconds when compared with the current speed – that is 3 seconds. According to recent reports, 47% of visitors of a website expect the site to load in as little as less than 2 seconds. Moreover, 40% of visitors of a website will leave the site in case the loading speed takes more than 3 seconds. So, what should companies do in order to be able keep the loading speed of web pages minimal?

Following are a few web design best practices that we believe will reduce the loading speed of your website and web pages:-

Place a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for website hosting Edmonton:

A CDN takes static files of a website– like CSS, images and JavaScript – and places them on servers close to the physical location of visitors of your website. This practice allows them to load much quickly.

Go with new formats for images to cut the size of your images:

It is said that more than 61% of the weight of a website’s page is of images. The solution is to switch between different sized and different quality level images in order to save bandwidth. This in effect results in reduced image weight. Weight that is reduced by 20% – 50% without comprising on the quality.

Your cache:

The caching of browser stores up cached versions of static resources. This is a process that has the power to speed up a page tremendously. It also reduces the server lag. When a visitor opens up a web page on your website, the cached version will usually be opened. However, this only happens as long it has not been changed since the time it was last cached. This helps save up a lot of requests to your server and makes the process faster.

Review plugins on your website:

Plugins can get new functionality & features for your website. However, the more plugins your website uses, more work it has to do to load up the website & web pages. This results in slower loading speed for your website. Make sure you only use plugins you need and get rid of plugins that are not being utilized. This will help boost the loading speed of your website.

Put up HTTP keep-alive response headers:

HTTP requests are pretty simple. They pick up and send a single file and then close down. That may be simple, but it is not quick. Keeping the browser and server open, it forces them to use the same connection to pick up and send files.

Go with compression:

You can compress the resources on your website to reduce the number of bytes a webpage is delivering over a network. You will have to optimize the content on your website to attain compression. This can be done by creating consistency throughout your HTML and CSS code.

Don’t know how to code properly? You don’t have to worry about that. We are experienced with all the required skills and resources. Call us today so a specialist from our team can assist you.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with Web development services Edmonton

Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is commonly referred to, is one of the most simple and effective practices when it comes to web design. It is done to boost the amount of visitors to your website. This is achieved by getting high ranking placements in the search engine results page (SERP). The search engines make use of a single phrase, referred to as a keyword. The keyword is used across the readable content of your website to achieve high search engine rankings. Keep in mind, this is one of the many things that need to be done to increase the optimization of your website. For the search engines, it is significant to incorporate all essential on-page SEO tags and elements. This includes, schema and XML sitemaps along with other elements. Does this sounds like technical jargon to you? If yes, it is perfectly fine, because we have the expertise in SEO along with web design. It is our duty to make sure that your web design is search engine friendly.

Mobile Friendly Web Design Edmonton

Developing a web site for desktop users is easy. The tricky part is to design it phone or tablet users. If not careful, your website can appear to be cluttered and unorganized when opened on cellular devices. This also makes it pretty hard to navigate and move around. If you are on the same boat, you are likely to lose potential customers due to a small web design glitch. On average, 8 out of 10 users will stop moving across a website if its content does not show up properly on their devices. Safe to say, it is both frustrating for both you and your customers. By choosing to pick Iconic Website Design Edmonton, you avoid instances like these all together.

What makes a responsive mobile design essential for you today?

Mobile responsive web design adjusts to the size of your browser on its own. This makes it a lot easier for users on your website to find all the information they need, easily, quickly and free of hassle. A mobile responsive design serves all the devices with the same code. This code is also adjusted to fit every screen size. Mobile devices are said to achieve more than 79% of global internet use by the end of 2018. This makes it more significant than ever to use a mobile-friendly and responsive website design. Mobile responsive web design has been one of the top web design practices for many years. Contact us for more information about mobile responsive web design and how it can better your website.

Easy to use Navigation

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” These are some of emotional words from the beautiful 80’s classic character known as Ferris Bueller. However, when it comes to the loading time of a website, this meaningful quote means nothing. The less time it takes for users on your website to be able to find what they are looking for, the better. People expect loading time of a website to be minimal and navigation to be easy to use. By optimizing the viewer experience of your website, you can instantly attract more customers.

Some tips to make your website more accessible:-

It is important to have webpages with a high rate of accessibility. Let’s take into account a few more practices for web design:

  • Reduce your navigation menu bar to 4-5 options. 88% of websites have their main navigation positioned in the header. This is placed at the top of every page, making the horizontal top-level navigation a standard in web design.
  • Search bars are a vital factor, especially for sites with a huge amount of content.
  • Contact info should be positioned in the right hand corner of the website and made easily visible.
  • Sticky “back-to-top” buttons allows your users scroll down to their heart’s content. It also allows them to go back to the top with the click of a button. This eliminates the hassle of manually scrolling all the way up. Believe us when we say, nobody has the time to do it manually.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an old way of staying connected. However, it still plays a significant role in making sure your customers and potential customers are pushed in to the loop of your services. Past studies have revealed that more than 77% of executives prefer to receive marketing communications. They also prefer it to be via email rather than any other form of marketing. So, what does that mean for you? Considering how relevant email is, it is important for your email campaigns to have the same status. A website’s email should be able to sync with your email marketing system in order to attain seamless access and connection. Make sure that your target audience does not need to go search your email sign-up icon. By positioning the icon in the header or footer of your website, you will be able to achieve one of the best web design practices.

Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful tools of today. You may be aware of different ways that one can use social media to handle market brands and content. With that being said, social outlets should always be linked for maximum engagement.

This includes, your emails, blog posts, guest post as well as other social bios. Did you know that more than 72% of websites incorporate icons for social media outlets in the footer? This alone makes it a significant factor in driving in more clientele.

Social media icons have the power to steer your audience away from your website. This can result in loss of your web traffic. It can also increase the bounce rates and hurt results. So, we recommend placing your social media icons in the footer of your website. In that way, visitors will be able to properly go through your website, before they see the social icons. As a result, you get less skewed data to your metrics.

Put up Quality Photos

Hub spot states that people can remember up to 65% of information visually depicted for a timeframe of 72 hours. On the other hand, only 10% of information is recalled by the people that listen to the information for the same timeframe. With more than 37% of the population being visual learners, positioning high quality photos and logos right on your website will help your target audience measure your brand and content effectively.

High-quality images and logos will help convert your online leads into sales by being able to:

  • Trigger more views to your site, resulting in more chances to convert.
  • Boost user engagement which makes the visitors spend more time on your website.
  • Decrease bounce rate, resulting in more web traffic and higher search engine rankings.
  • Create a connection between customer and company. This promotes users to go with your services.

Color Scheme of your web design

Your website and its color scheme should properly depict your business. If the background of your website and text colors don’t present enough contrast, people will find it hard to read your content. This results in instantly driving away the customer. The more visually appealing your website is, the higher the chance that customers will remember you.

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Are You Making Use of All These Best Practices for Web Design Edmonton?

Ask yourself this question and if the answer is no, then it’s high time for you to get in touch with an expert at Iconic Website Design Edmonton. With our expertise, we will make this process a breeze. It is all boils down to making fast, unique and visually impressive web design.

Applying these trusted practices for web design as a marketing tactic can leave a huge positive impact on your customers. This ultimately results in more sales, and eventually more revenue for your business. With 94% of people stating web design as the foremost reason that made them reject a website, it is crucial that you employ the best practices for website.

If you still have queries about the best practices for web design, or have a question about your website in general, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We are always available to assist you.

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Significance of Employing the Best Practices for Web development Edmonton

Adhering to the tried and tested practices of web design is the best way to satisfy the expectations of your target audience. Keep in mind that your visitors are not amateurs and have come across many other web designs. So they understand and have an idea of what they want to find and where they will find it.

Moreover, your website is the key to implementing your digital marketing basics. This makes it more important than ever to employ the best practices for web design as we have discussed earlier.

The best practices for web design are the key to a successful and effective design. If for any reason whatsoever, you decide to go against these practices then bear in mind that there might be consequences.

Such consequences can lead to a decline of customers or have a negative effect on your business.

Do you believe that your website adheres to the principle practices for web design? Or do you think it opts against it? Connect with Iconic Website Design Edmonton to implement the reliable and trusted practices of web design. We at Iconic Website Design Edmonton have the required skills and experience to ensure that all the best practices for web design are implemented on your website.

Interested in speaking to a specialist from our team? Not a problem at all. Schedule a time to have a conversation with our specialist staff. Our team at Iconic Website Design Edmonton is here for your every beck and call.

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WEB Design Edmonton ON THE GO

Whether you are working on a fresh website or considering a re-design, ignoring digital devices such as mobile phones is non-starter. Keeping this in mind, our developers make sure that accessibility does not become an issue. Customers are able to work hassle free on all possible platforms.

We now live in fast paced and modern world where everything happens on the go. Living in a time where technology is at such an advanced stage, not being able to work on the go is not an option.
Therefore, we provide easy website availability on multiple platforms and devices like mobile phones, tablets and the desktops. We have specialized applications that provide a smooth and efficient performance on all digital devices.

This diversity in options allows clients to have access to the required content without any hassle. Our expertise in web design grants website visitors to surf the web without encountering irritating hurdles. Thus, we at Iconic Website Design Edmonton ensure your customers pleasant experience.

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Pay heed to E-commerce web development Edmonton

We have realized that in order to achieve better results, you should be your own salesperson! In our experience, e-commerce websites are much easier to understand, manage and browse in comparison to their counterparts. They are programmed to help you for years on end. So, in order to help our customers, we ensure that they realize the important of e-commerce. This allows them to make an educated decision about their approach and end goal.

Process of Iconic Website Design Edmonton

Iconic Website Design Edmonton understands how important it is to work with a website which speaks for you, targets the correct audience and urges them to stay. A website that speaks to your visitors and convinces them to invest in your business. This end marketing goal cannot be stressed upon enough. We, at Iconic Website Design Edmonton not only understand this but know how to make it happen. So, we put up a process to facilitate our goal in the best way possible.

The key components of our process are:

  • Communication
  • Research
  • Analysis and Strategy
  • Stand out!
  • Original Design
  • Website at a Glance
  • Content Strategy
  • Tell your stories
  •  Prototyping
  • Development
  • Front-end Development
  • Back-end Development
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Optimization (High SEO –Ranking)
  • Support (You come first)


Communication is the key to solving any problem. Everything from petty fights to world issues have been resolved by talking it out. We consider this to be a golden step.

We prioritize your interests, demands and suggestions and vow to fulfill them in the best possible way. Our team of experts at Iconic Website Design Edmonton comes up with ideas as to how a maximum number of loyal customers can be driven to your business. Iconic Website Design Edmonton aims to provide you with success in the most cost effective and practical manner. Your wish is our demand. Make no mistake, we are here to fulfill your needs as well as we possibly can. So, we sit and talk to our beloved customers, understand their needs and offer them with a variety of possible solutions to choose from. Not only that, by explaining the pros and cons of every solution, we work with them to make the best decision for their business. We go above and beyond and help them pick the approach that is best suited for their unique business. Moreover, we do not restrict our meetings to the beginning of the project. As mentioned above, our company believes that communication is the key to the most practical of solutions. So, we as an organization are open to any new ideas or wishes that you may have. Moreover, we are readily available to address your concerns any time during the project. We do not rest until we see your business flourish before us.

In addition to all of the above, we ensure that there is ample time for you to review the product and send us feedback about its quality. This way, you are able to test the web design and inform us of any glitches or problems you face. We take our clients feedback very seriously and tirelessly work to provide them with their dream web design.


Iconic Website Design Edmonton takes research very seriously. Thoroughly looking into our customers brand is part of our job. We work by following the notion that not everything will work for everyone. Each and every client is unique and therefore demands us to perform an in depth research. This not only better educates us about our client but helps us figure out what approach would work best. We at Iconic Website Design Edmonton are proud to have a vast team of managers, website designers, graphic designers and so on, who put their heads together to figure out the best solutions for your business. Adopting this research-based strategy helps us understand the targeted user in a much better light.

One of the most important aspect of researching is to figure out the final consumer. Naturally, we also study users who will come in contact with your product. It is no surprise that technology is evolving at a rapid pace. This fast paced evolution encourages us to remain relevant and not get lost in the crowds. Nevertheless, we never take our eye off the prize, our customers. So keeping up with the latest trends is not our utmost priority. We believe that the ultimate goal for our clients should be to satisfy their prospective consumers. Keeping this in mind, before we even delve into very basics of our design strategy, we thoroughly research the end consumer and try to interpret their needs. This allows us to customize the web designs for their maximum profit.

When you ask someone to invest in your business, or to give your brand a chance, meeting them on their terms is how you can get there. We recognize this fact and therefore, we work hard to get you there.

Analysis & Strategy

Having completed the first two steps, we move on to the analysis part of our process. Here we begin the in depth inspection of our research findings. We use our thought out analysis and market strategies to churn out a strategy best suited for your business. These steps are significant because they help us understand the vital aspects necessary for the success of your business. A thorough analysis includes studying the brand standing, targeted audience and content strategies best suited for your website.

Stand out!

Standing out in an ever changing and growing world of technology is no easy task. We understand that standing out from the pack isn’t easy. But, it is a significant aspect of your branding strategy because the market today is very competitive. There will be many other brands out there, competing to provide the same solution as yours. Uniqueness is key. So, it’s imperative that you have something exceptional to offer your consumers to grab their attention. We at Iconic Website Design Edmonton are pleased to inform you that we do our homework, and we do it well. With unique ideas and powerful marketing tools, we are well-equipped to disclose your business stories in a relevant and interesting manner. This will help give your site a unique experience which in turn will help establish trust. This simple yet brilliant technique helps your customers to always return to you.

Original Design

Originality in your website design is of paramount importance to us. In an industry where people turn to replication of designs, we think outside the box and come up with interesting and innovative design ideas. After all, a well-designed website can make all the difference in the world. An original design has the power to swing the pendulum from failure to success.

Therefore, keeping the significance of this step in our minds, our highly trained experts at Iconic Website Design Edmonton go through a cycle of detailed discussions which result in the production of amazing ideas for your business. The best ideas are then shortlisted and presented to you.

Website at a glance

We believe in the famous saying, first impressions are last impressions. Customers are instantly turned off by a confusing and difficult to use interface. A simple mistake can make your website challenging to comprehend, causing prospective clients to drive away. It’s no secret that anything hard to grasp makes the user lose interest in the entire thing. Clearly, no business would want that. Therefore, in order to build a reliable audience, we need to impress them at the very first glance. Your website needs to be riveting enough to keep clients interested.

Experts at Iconic Website Design Edmonton strive to achieve this goal so that your website is a pleasing and memorable experience. Using our digital knowledge and expertise, we promise to build you a website that will leave your visitors no other option but to revisit.

Content Strategy

Don’t be mistaken, your consumers have a fairly good idea of what they want. We at Iconic Website Design Edmonton are careful not to overlook that. When it comes to content, they are easily able to differentiate between the quality and average content. We, therefore, put a lot of research-based effort into the content. Our goal is to keep your consumers stimulated by showing them exactly what they want and need. This instantly increases your chances of having a dedicated group of consumers. All the content we create is based on user experiences and storytelling.

Content strategy is no doubt very crucial from a marketing perspective. Great uniqueness is expected of us in this regard, which makes it extremely vital to work on it thoroughly. We strongly believe that a story driven approach works best in such scenarios. So, we cannot insist upon this enough: Tell your stories!

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Tell your stories

Remember your childhood? What was the best thing about going to bed? For the majority of us at the company, the answer was: bed time stories.

As we grow up, stories change, scenarios change, but the one thing which remains constant is one’s keen interest in stories. So, we can successfully conclude that humans are great story tellers. Narrating and listening to stories is what makes us human and all the popular brand experiences begin with great story telling. Here, we ask for another memory recap. Remember those picture stories? How easy it was to recall them in comparison to those that featured no pictures. Story telling does not only encompass lengthy paragraphs covering incident after incident or eye-catching one liners. It is possible to incorporate great stories on your website without boring the audience with lengthy paragraphs. To do that, we take every aspect of your web design in consideration. Everything from content selection, images and user experience is carefully put together to form a story. Each brand has its own unique story to tell, the heart of which is its promise to always keep their clients on the forefront. Everything that the company has to offer, extends out from this one promise. So, every image, every text, and so forth bottles down to this one central point.

Our experts at Iconic Website Design Edmonton believe that the storytelling approach definitely works. Undergoing training for this aspect, our experts are fully equipped to get the desired output for you by understanding your needs and transforming them into an experience of its own.


Once we are methodically through with the idea of a basic structure for your website, we begin creating a prototype for the final product. This gives you a solid idea of our understanding of your needs. Our experts at Iconic Website Design Edmonton use this data to deduce a fine mini product.

We consider this a significant step in our development cycle because it gives both parties involved a clearer picture of what was discussed. This allows for any major or minor misunderstands to be caught and cleared ahead of time. This is a crucial step as ideally all misunderstands should be cleared before extensive work begins. The carefully curated prototype helps in playing around and getting to know the website. It even allows you to test it with sample customers and fully grasp the idea of how it will work. These sample customers help us in improving the web design by sharing their constructive criticism.

After all, the entire process is here for them to achieve the best experience possible.

Having done that, in a set time frame dedicated for this step, we collect feedbacks from both you and the final consumer and then eventually build upon it. This works as a cycle between us and your solution. Once a final layout has been agreed upon, we move onto the real developmental phase of the process.


This phase reconnects all the previous ones; designers and content strategists. It also devises a development solution which incorporates all the necessary aspects, making sure nothing is amiss when it comes to the final performance and presentation. After all, great user experience is expected from it. By developing the prototype earlier in mind and using information from the mini product’s release to our advantage, we move on to the real deal. So, the developmental stage is divided into two major steps:

Back-end development

No development cycle is complete without a server-side to fall back on, we know that. With so much advancement in the world of technology, even your end users can comprehend that. This side is generally considered the ‘boring part’. But, you can sit back and relax! Our group of professionals with years of professional experience in strong coding are at it!

This section of the development process deals with configuring APIs on the back-end of your website. Expert developers work together with the front-end developers to get you a stable server-side logic which integrates well with the overall system. This leads you down the road to your intended results.

Front-end development

To attract a good audience for your solution, looks are an essential part of the larger deal. We’re proud to announce that you have come to the right place for that. Our experts at Iconic Website Design Edmonton are working continuously to keep up with this evolving technology so that when they come to you, they are able to better understand your demands. This gives them the opportunity to put together a set of developments that perfectly cater to you. We feel that it’s imperative that a website design company is able to combine the two together as wisely as possible. This section therefore, deals with the general user interface for your website. As already mentioned, you need an attractive UI, capable of providing a responsive website. It should also be able to work well with cross browsers at both web and mobile applications. At Iconic Website Design Edmonton, the most talented developers come together to focus on the beautification of your website.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Once the initial development phase along with the basic dev testing is complete, we move onto the Quality Assurance phase. Your product goes through a phase of rigorous testing, where the website is put through stress testing along with all the other basic testing scenarios.

Quality assurance works in collaboration with the development phase in repetitive testing cycles to get the best, error free outcome possible. This Quality assurance cycle includes severe testing of your website, ensuring that the performance is up to your expectation and ideally, even better.

Optimization (High SEO – Ranking)

This section of the process works to improve your website by optimizing it to get the related search engine rankings. This helps in boosting your websites presence online and drives in the right clientele.

A high SEO – ranking is a vital aspect for your marketing strategy. Its importance cannot be downplayed and we at Iconic Website Design Edmonton understand that. So, professionals at our company have been able to identify certain key elements which can get you the boost you need for a good ranking. These key elements work with popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. It is our strong believe that this is necessary for the growth of your valuable business and so, in order to turn your dream into a reality, we combine this strategy and blend it with your product’s originality and innovation to get you the perfect results!

Support – You come first

Stuck somewhere? Experiencing a glitch? Something seems amiss? Don’t worry, we are just a phone call (or e-mail) away.

For Iconic Website Design Edmonton, our customers are our number one priority. One of our top priorities is to help our customers thoroughly understand their custom designed website. This helps them to avoid confusion in the long run. In addition to this, we provide expert customer assistance at extremely affordable rates. Iconic Website Design Edmonton’s personnel has been specially trained to provide you with the best technical support. Our experts also help you with ingenious business ideas that calm any concerns you might have.

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How to get Ideas for Web Design Edmonton When You Feel Absolutely Stuck?

As you may already know, putting together an excellent website design can be difficult. If you’re having a bad day with creativity, it gets frustrating and difficult to move ahead. If that’s how you feel at the moment, this section is to help you out. We have listed out actionable steps for you to get over your designers block and let your creative juices run wild. So are you ready? Let’s get this going… To help you with creative ideas, we are going to start with easy and usable design tips.

Make Use of Pinterest Mood Boards

Pinterest is one of the best tools to set up mood boards. You can put together visuals you believe would be useful for you in your project. You can also make use of visual materials that you think provides a direction. This can includes colors, layouts, images, existing web designs and more. This mood board can be used as a central place for your design ideas. You can also share it with your web designer so they can incorporate your ideas in the final product.

Devise a step-by-step Plan

Devising a plan is pretty significant for your website design. You may have heard that failing to plan, is planning to fail. This makes sense when it comes to website design. If you fail to come up with creative and feasible website design ideas, it is probably because you have not been able to grab the fundamentals yet. Once you are done with the fundamentals of web design, you will be able to add creativity towards your designs. Here is how a plan chart may look like:-

Define the objectives of your website:

You should know what you want your website to accomplish. If you don’t know that yet, what are you designing your site towards? The best goals are “SMART” – Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.

Outline the journey of buyer:

Despite the overall objective of your web design, you should also know where you want to take your visitors. This includes everything from your visitors landing on your website to whatever goal you have in your mind. Following this guideline, you will be able to design a structure to guide your visitors along the way.

Devise a style guide:

Devising a style guide will help you stay focused, consistent and relevant to your website design. It includes colors, fonts, layout and other components related to web design. By making use of one, you will be able to achieve uniformity. One of the examples to this is Google.

Create an SEO plan:

Having an SEO plan for your website is significant in 2019. You should create a mind map to figure out how to put together your information for both search engines and your visitors.
Focus on structure of your website first.

Focusing on the structure of your website is as significant as devising a plan. It helps you to step ahead of the process and gets more of an overall overview. It can also help you to collaborate with a different medium other than your machine. As an example, you can design sketches on paper with a pen. At this moment, you can forget about colors and other details and component. If you are making use of a whiteboard or flipcharts, you will be able to make the entire process more collaborative.

One of the best exercises can be to create an outline for your website on a post-it note. This will help you to stick to the basics. Another way of doing this, is to go for your design in shades of gray initially and then incorporate colors later. Doing it this way, you will be able to set up a visual hierarchy without depending on colors.

In case you are hell-bent on making use of your machine to design, you can go for the squint test. This is done by stepping away from the screen and then squinting your eyes. The produced blurred image will highlight what is most obvious on your website. First time visitors landing on your website will more likely notice that.


Adhere to the standards of Web

It is the desire of every designer to be creative. This is actually a good thing. Always remember though that it is essential to limit some boundaries to be creative within.
As an example, when it comes to web design, there are many established standards. Visitors are accustomed to some specific design components and tropes. If you extensively break such rules, you will leave them confused and forced to turn away.
Google research has revealed that the more a website is accustomed to prototypical standards, the more users perceive it as elegant. As a result of this, adhering to the established standards is a pretty good idea.

Some of the established rules are outlined as follows:-

  • Consistency should consist of branding and designing throughout all the pages of the website
  • The logo should appear on the top left corner of the website
  • Contact information should be shown in the top right or center of the website
  • Main navigation should be present at top of the screen
  • Main headline and call to action should appear high up on the home page of the website
  • Search feature should be present in the header of the website
  • Social media icons should be placed at the footer of the website


We at Iconic Website Design Edmonton believe that as an avid user of the internet, you are probably familiar with such standards. If you are not, you will be able to find more here.
Concentrate on Call to Action buttons and minimalism

When you are aware of the goals of your website and web pages, you will be able to eliminate everything that does not serve the purpose or goal. This makes your website design absolutely streamlined. It also makes it look more pleasant, beautiful and visually impressive to view. Also, there is plenty of research to back this point. In a Google research, it has been revealed that visual complexity is in a negative correlation with the appeal of the website. In a nutshell, that means people are interested in being overwhelmed. This makes it significant and useful to simplify your design as well as other features i.e. speed of website.

Listed below are several things you should quickly get rid of:-

  • Menu items — everyone wants the visitors to discover more of their website. However, having a menu that is overloaded becomes super confusing for your website visitors. It also leaves adverse effects on the visitors of your website. The thing that needs to be emphasized here is “stick with the fundamentals”.
  • Sidebars — we see websites increasingly placing the sidebar out. You should think of the contents of your sidebar. Is it really significant to your website?
  • Muddy jargon — Overusing phrases, clichés and as well as hollow words can result in your site’s visitors tuning out. You should definitely avoid using them. Focus on incorporating more personality in your words. Also, place some power words and learn copywriting skills.

Begin with mobile devices

You may already know that mobile devices have hit the world with a storm. In this digital era, we see more and more people surfing the internet using their phones and tablets instead of computers. Moreover, Google has revealed that they will be launching their new mobile index. That means, when this gets fully in effect, the search engine will monitor every website based on their mobile presence. If your website is not being able to do its job appropriately, you will experience a hit in your rankings.

As a result, when you design a website, the best thing to do, is to begin the journey with a mobile presence. From this point onwards, users of mobile devices will become your priority customers. There, you should be able to ensure that they are catered properly. It is also a good practice when it comes to web design. If you begin your journey with a mobile, you will be pushed to focus on the fundamentals. It will also force you to go through the objective of your design. You will then be able to incorporate more components as you grow your screen size.

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Focus on formatting of content

Formatting content is an under-estimated weapon for designers. Content is the most significant component of your website. Whether it is in the form of blog posts or a sale copy, it is the first thing search engines consider. Moreover, it is what you plan for your visitors to consume eventually. The purpose of your website design is to showcase it in the best way possible. Content formatting means that you should ensure that your content fits in accordance with the consumption habits of users. It is to make it more meaningful for them. Here is how you will be able to achieve that:

Incorporate headings on your website

Headings are one of the best ways to break up your content. Most of the users make use of them as anchor points to scan. Headings are also used by users to go through the content that looks interesting to them. Because of this reason, headings should be a mandatory part of your content. Making your headings descriptive is a sure way to keep your visitors interested and well engaged.

Make use of paragraphs, lists and bullet points

It is rare to find even a single user wanting to read a one large blog of text. Paragraphs are used to divide the content into chunks. Make use of them whenever you have a new point. Lists and bullet points are also used for the same purpose – to make information easy to read. Finding feasible uses for them is wat makes sense from a consumer’s perspective.

Never ignore visuals, images and media

You should understand that any form of visual information is more appreciated by the human brain than text. As a result, it is best to make use of images and other media to highlight your points. Again, it is one of the best ways to break up large pieces of text.

Optimize fonts on your website

The way you use your fonts also impacts the legibility of your website copy. The size and line height becomes the most significant tools you have with you here. Make sure you use at least 16px and ensure that you incorporate more line height if you are using a smaller font.

Go for One-Page Design

Back in the old days, web design was more about the fold than anything else. Everything that was considered significant was above the limit from where users used to begin scrolling. It still has some significance because it is where you will find users spending most of their time. However, this does not mean that fold is everything about your webpage. Visitors on your website will definitely scroll, it is in their nature to do so. They will most likely scroll down your entire page if you have provided them with a reason to do so. You are more likely to experience an increase in conversion rates if you follow these guidelines.

If you believe that the journey of a buyer exists across a few pages, consider putting all that stuff into a single place. This might end up being one of the web design ideas that will help you make a difference. You should not go place your content in carousels or slideshows. They are less likely to work these days.

Try out A/B Testing

It can be hard to choose the right web design idea, especially when you have so many to analyze. You think over and over, make some changes and still remain unsure of your decision. At some point, you will have to leave it for the visitors to choose. A/B testing is one of the best methods to find the things that make your website better. This includes showering your visitors with multiple versions of your web design randomly. The stats on how your visitors responded to each design will help you in choosing the right one. You can A/B test pretty much everything. From webpage designs to color changes, CTAs to images and fonts, everything can be A/B tested. All these factors can leave a huge impact on the performance of your web pages. Keep in your mind, not testing your web design ideas by using the A/B method can lead to a loss in clientele.

Optimize your website speed

Running speed of your web design or page should be a top priority. It is one of the least talked about, yet most significant factor when it comes to web design. Studies have revealed that it has an impact on everything, including conversions, bounce rate and revenue. If your website is slow, visitors will easily pass over your work and move on to the next website. Moreover, the search engines also factor in speed of your website when evaluating your search rankings. As a result of this, it is imperative that you spend some time and resources to optimize your website speed.

Use Social Proof

The last tip related to web design is all about the conformity bias. This is known as the tendency of people to follow others or what they do. It is common practice for people to be influenced by the approval of others, especially in the case of large groups.
One way to take benefit of this, is to present social proof on your website. If you are able to present the positive opinions of people on your website, content or anything, you will find more site visitors doing the same thing. For instance, positive comments and testimonials are known to sway visitors in ones favor. Social proof can:-

  • Attain trust for your website, resulting a soar in sales
  • Develop credibility of your website, which is significant for
    your reputation
  • Help you take benefit from others (such as
    your customers) to boost your conversions
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Ways to Boost Social Proof on Your Website

Make use of customer’s testimonials

Home pages can be an excellent place to showcase testimonials of your customers. The more testimonials you have, the more chances of your website pulling in leads. Moreover, testimonials have proven to be the most effective way of content marketing – having an effective rating of 89%. So make sure that your web design incorporates testimonial functionality. A quality website design will enable you to showcase client testimonials easily.

Also, focus on adding high-quality customer images. Images have the ability to enhance the impact of a testimonial. However, it is significant to select the right image. As high as 88% of customers incorporate testimonials and reviews when making decisions related to purchase. In effect, by not incorporating them within your website design, you automatically miss out on an effective marketing strategy. Iconic Website Design Edmonton perceives this as an integral part of web design and protects its customers from any marketing blunders.

Feature success stories of customers

Success stories of customers can be in many different forms, such as interviews and case studies. Nevertheless, they all will always have one thing in common; that is to provide details on how your product or service was of use to them. This positive message can push the readers to try out your product or service to attain the same result. The quality of these customer success stories and their display on your website plays a vital role in your marketing strategies success or failure.

Boast About Important Figures

Figures provide your customers or potential customers with solid and indisputable factors. So incorporate social media shares, subscription to email newsletter and number of product phases in your website design. This can instantly leave a positive impact on readers. By doing that, you will be able to show the visitors on your website just how many people put their trust in your business. When you plan to design your website, make sure that any figures of such nature are plastered on the fore front. Also make use of plugins that show figures or numbers of social shares. An example of such tools can be Cresta Social Share Counter. You can also use numbers or figures in popups and lead forms. For example, use numbers to push visitors to subscribe to a mailing list or to go download a latest product.

Add certifications to your website design

Certifications are the professional acknowledgements that show us how good your company is in a specific area. Certificates can be utilized to show how your website meets a specific standard while simultaneously outlining your professionalism and knowledge of the industry you are working in. Attaining certifications is a hard task and so is acknowledging them on your website. Below are some of the ways you can make use of them effectively for your website:

Understand that certifications are a standard for a successful industry. Such certificates will leave a much bigger impact on your customers. This will also help your business or company to get ahead of your competitors. Add the certificates in the footer area of your website. By incorporating an icon of any related certifications in the footer of your website, you will be able to showcase your achievements in a prominent way. Also, it won’t take a lot of space in the footer area either. Certifications are pretty hard to attain so they are worth boasting about and deserve a special mention on your website.

Any experienced web designer worth their salt will know the importance of showcasing certificates. We at Iconic Website Design Edmonton place special importance to this matter.

Outlining the Best Website Design Tips

Website design is one complicated subject, and is one of the factors that have a lasting impact on your website. For this reason, it is best to fully understand what you are doing when it comes to web design. Incorporating research for tips is one good way to begin. The ways we have discussed above can be used to ensure your websites effectiveness. They will also ensure that your conversion rate is improving along with the other significant factors. Let us outline all those ways below:-

  • Spend your resources on optimizing your website speed
  • Make use of fold to ensure that visitors stick to your website
  • Cut down choices you have on your website to improve your conversion rate
  • Simplify your website design where possible
  • Stay away from sliders, tabs, carousels and accordions for your website
  • Focus on visual material to attain direct attention
  • Make scrolling a priority over clicks
  • Focus on the order of list items
  • Make use of social proof to ensure your website attains more traffic
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Questions To Ask Your Website Design Company before Hiring

Most people simply search for a Website Design Company that can develop an appealing website for their company. However, only a few understand that web design entails a lot more than just aesthetics. By going with an experienced website design company like Iconic Website Design Edmonton, you are collaborating with a business partner to build you a web design that can leave a long lasting impression on your target audience. A website designed by Iconic Website Design Edmonton not only impresses your visitors with its looks but also its fast functionality.

It is as important to hire a professional web design company as it is to employ a builder to construct a building. At Iconic Website Design Edmonton we promise you someone who is experienced with the right tools, materials and everything necessary to complete the job the way it should be done. When you are prepared to build a website for your business, there are several questions you should have answers to from your potential website design company:

Are you offering pre-made website design templates or customized ones?

Most of the times, web design templates and customized web designs can both be effective in creating a web design that suits your need. However, the method you would want to choose will be based on your budget and your online objectives. Having an absolutely simple website with restricted functionality features can be easily attained with web design templates. Although, a customized website design will be of more significance for websites that demand complex functionality and features. You should be specific when talking about your web design requirements. Also, make sure your professional web design company offers the services your business is looking for.

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Will you review and test my website design to ensure that it is cross-browser compatible?

Your audience will see your web design from a number of browsers. This makes it even more significant to hire a professional web design company in order to perform and ensure cross-browser compatibility. Some of the popular internet browsers are Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Netscape. These browsers, along with other popular ones should be taken into consideration for cross-browser compatibility testing. You should make your web design company diagnose and fix issues before your web design shows up on the internet. Only then will it be able to reach the largest desired audience possible in the most effective way.

Building a web design is similar to any business project – an expert web design company should be able to provide a timeline and adhere to it. The budget along with your individual timing requirements will help you choose the web design package that best suits your needs.

Are you offering logo design services?

By making sure that you have a company logo on your web design, you can help establish your identity. It can also boost your credibility and strengthen your business. Don’t forget to ask your web design company if they can build a personalized logo design for your website. In case they offer logo design services, make sure you get your logo design in all file formats. This can help ensure that your web presence and other marketing stuff is consistent. If you are already having a logo design with you, it will be a good idea to get in touch with your web design and ask them if it can be used with your website design.

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How many times can I make amendments to my website design?

If you are hiring a professional web design company like Iconic Website Design Edmonton, they will know how significant changes and amendments are. This is to keep a website design unique, fresh and visibly enticing to your target audience and the search engines. You should ask your web design company how many times changes can be made. Also, make sure to ask how the required changes will be applied. All such queries should be asked before time to avoid any unnecessary confusion in the future.

Will you ensure that my web design is search engine friendly?

Some components of website design can have a huge impact on how search engines will read your website. You should remind your web design company to make use of clean coding techniques. This includes things like semantic HTML and CSS when they begin with creating your web design. All the major search engines see such techniques in a favorable way. This will help boost your rankings in the search engines, eventually bringing more revenue and value to your business.

Can you tell if my website design can support e-commerce?

If you plan to sell products online – now or in the near future? You should be able to ask your web design company to ensure that your web design supports your ecommerce plans. Based on your business, you may require buttons for payment processors. This can includes PayPal or even debit/credit cards on your home page or other relevant pages.

Will I be able to talk to the web designer directly if required?

We believe that web design should be an effort that is both collaborative and mutual. When hiring a professional Web Design Company, you should ensure that you have the option to interact one-on-one with your web designer. This will help you provide input and revisions that need to be implemented directly. Hiring an expert web design company like Iconic Website Design Edmonton does not have to be a daunting process. As you review companies for this purpose, make sure you get answers to all the necessary questions you have. This needs to be done before choosing who deserves to create a web design for your company.

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The Significance of Responsive Web Design Edmonton

Google now works with “mobile first” approach in order to index and rank websites. This is what makes it highly significant to have a website that is both responsive and performs well. Iconic Website Design Edmonton is skilled in designing websites that are focused on mobile user experiences. This is to help users access the most significant content on the website easily and quickly. We stronglybelieve in setting your web design apart from your competitors. Also, we focus on helping you take up opportunity to stand out with a responsive web design for your website. If you are interested in knowing more about our website designs services or would like to discuss your project, feel free to call us today or visit our website to learn more. Iconic Website Design Edmonton is offering free initial consultation on all the custom web design projects. We would love to collaborate with you on your next web design project.